Reconstructive Surgery

Facial Reconstruction

Congenital birth defects, traumatic events, and skin cancer removal can all have undesirable effects on your facial appearance.

Dr. Brown has a particular interest and extensive training in facial reconstruction, and he will strive to minimize the impact of these events on your appearance and your life.

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Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Skin Cancer and Mohs Reconstruction

Skin cancers are the most common type of cancer, and their incidence is on the rise. Many of these skin cancers arise on the face. Surgical removal is usually the best chance for cure, and most of the time, the only treatment needed. Mohs surgery is a technique used by specially trained dermatologists to ensure removal of all of the skin cancer, thus giving the highest cure rate, while also leaving behind as much normal tissue as possible. Dr. Brown has a special interest in helping skin cancer patients and works closely with his Mohs surgery colleagues to provide the best possible outcomes in reconstruction after Mohs surgery to remove facial skin cancers. Dr. Brown likes to meet with each patient before the removal of the skin cancer to discuss the possible reconstruction options and what should be expected. This allows him to design the best individualized reconstructive plan for you. The possible reconstructive options to fill in the defect of missing tissue usually include rearranging the nearby tissue, skin grafts, and local flaps. In some severe cases, more advanced reconstructive techniques may be required.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery


The face is central to our identity and appearance. Traumatic events can result in scars on the face or even fractures of the facial bones, which can be alter your appearance forever. Dr. Brown has training and vast experience in treating patients with facial trauma, and he has a special interest in helping patients with these problems. This can range from a minor scar revision, straightening a broken nose, all the way to complex repair of facial fractures. If you have had an injury to your face, let Dr. Brown help restore your appearance.