Reconstructive Surgery

General Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery is what draws most plastic surgeons to the field of plastic surgery because of the impact that it can make on a patient’s life. One of the pioneers of plastic surgery from the 1500s, Gaspare Tagliacozzi stated,

“We restore, rebuild, and make whole those parts which nature hath given, but which fortune has taken away. Not so much that it may delight the eye, but that it might buoy up the spirit, and help the mind of the afflicted.”

Reconstructive plastic surgeons innovate, plan, and carry out treatments and surgeries to restore what has been lost due to birth defects, trauma, cancer, infection, and other diseases from head to toe. In doing so we strive to restore function, form, and beauty. Dr. Brown is committed to helping each of his patients through his or her reconstructive process. He will be there with you through the consultation, the surgery, and the post-op recovery period, always committed to providing compassionate care and optimal outcomes.

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Due to his extensive training and experience, Dr. Brown is able to offer comprehensive reconstructive surgery services…

including head and neck reconstruction, Mohs reconstruction, facial fracture repair, chest wall and abdominal wall reconstruction, pelvic and genitourinary reconstruction, and upper and lower extremity reconstruction.


General Reconstructive Surgery

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Hernias are a common problem after having any abdominal surgery. Many times these hernias can be treated with a simple operation by a general surgeon, but some hernias recur multiple times and/or become quite large.

These large, recurrent hernias can limit ones activities and lifestyle. When this happens, the necessary repair is an abdominal wall reconstruction that benefits from the expertise of a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Brown specializes in treating and repairing these very difficult cases. By utilizing both the patient’s own muscles with components separation techniques as well as performing a mesh repair, Dr. Brown is able to treat even of the most difficult hernias.

Dr. Brown also works closely with his general surgery colleagues and uses a multidisciplinary approach to design the best plan for your specific situation. If you have a recurrent or large hernia, come talk with Dr. Brown about your reconstructive options.


General Reconstructive Surgery

Lower Extremity

Dr. Brown has vast experience in treating wounds of the legs and feet caused by trauma, cancer, infections, and vascular disease. He is capable of treating the simplest cases with a skin graft all the way to the most complex open fractures using advanced microsurgical tissue transfer techniques.

Many of these cases require a multidisciplinary team approach with an orthopedic and/or vascular surgeon to obtain the best outcomes. Dr. Brown is committed to designing a plan that is the best fit for you and your situation.


General Reconstructive Surgery


Microsurgery is a powerful reconstructive tool. It can be used to perform tissue transplants on your own body by moving expendable tissue from one place on the body to another to perform complex reconstructions.

Dr. Brown has extensive training and experience in microsurgery having done hundreds of microsurgery cases. His microsurgery experience includes complex head and neck reconstructions after removal of aggressive cancers, DIEP flap breast reconstructions, and upper and lower extremity reconstructions.