Cosmetic Surgery

Non-Invasive Treatments

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Non-Invasive Treatments


One of the first signs of aging is the fine lines and wrinkles that develop in between the eyebrows, across the forehead, and around the eyes. These lines are caused by the repeated contraction of the muscles in this area that wrinkle the skin over time. Dr. Brown offers both Botox and Dysport as an easy, office-based injectable for both treatment and prevention of this problem.


Non-Invasive Treatments


For some of the more permanent lines and wrinkles in the face, deepening of the nasolabial folds, or loss of volume in the midface or lips, Dr. Brown offers soft tissue fillers. These include Restylane and Juvaderm as well as others. These non-invasive procedures can give you a rejuvenated look with minimal downtime and risk. If you are happy with the results of a filler, and are seeking a more permanent result, Dr. Brown may offer fat grafting to some of these areas. This is done by using your own fat cells that are harvested using liposuction in order to fill the areas of interest.


Non-Invasive Treatments

ZO Skin Care

ZO Skin Health products offer the best available skin care for both daily maintenance and therapeutic regimens. Whether you just want to keep your skin healthy and beautiful or need help with wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, there is a program for you. These products are the top-of-the-line and are only available through a physician’s office. Come in today to speak to our team about what we have to offer and obtain a customized plan for you.

ZO Skin care

Non-Invasive Treatments


We are excited to offer the Sciton Halo, BBL, and Skin Tyte laser treatments here in our West Houston office. These non-invasive treatments can treat a variety of conditions including anti-aging/wrinkle reduction, improved skin tone, acne scarring, pigmentary issues, spider veins, laser hair reduction, and tightening the skin. Come in today to speak with our team about customizing a treatment plan for you.